Before Watchmen Dodged a Large Jean Shorts-Wearing Bullet

Are you upset over DC’s Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons-less “Before Watchmen” project? Well buck up — it could’ve been worse. Much worse. Much much f–king worse.

Apparently Kevin Smith was, at one time, in talks to work on the prequels. Yup. Thankfully Kevin Smith himself had a moment of clarity and was all “Dan…Jim…I’m not good at this comic book writing thing. Actually I’m pretty terrible. I don’t want to ruin Watchmen, so please don’t hire me.”

Shockingly Jim Lee and Dan DiDio took his advice. I guess when you’re a high-profile creator like Kevin Smith people actually listen when you tell them you’re incompetent.

So yeah, look forward to Before Watchmen — with somewhat less rape and pants-peeing than originally planned!

via Bleeding Cool

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