Behold, 10 Of Nicolas Cage’s Greatest Contributions To Internet Culture

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It’s important to recognize those that change the course of history or alter a social landscape. Even internet culture. Therefore we are paying tribute to internet star hero and UPROXX favorite, Nicolas Cage. For on this day, 50 years ago, baby Cage came into the world destined to embark on a film career that would spawn an internet phenomenon not even he would understand.

Earlier this week, we showed you the proper way you should be using your Netflix with Nicolas Cage Roulette. And now, in honor of that crazy sumb*tch’s birthday, I give to you (arguably) Nic Cage’s greatest contributions to the internet.

10. Nicolas Cage invades Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

There may be no Nic Cage face swap (more on those later)  more jarring than the “Wrecking Ball” version. *Shudder*

9. That time somebody on Reddit plastered their coworker’s office space with Nicolas Cage.

Redditor the_riles went above and beyond in his job — not actually doing his job — pranking his coworker who was out for the week by plastering Cage all over his coworker’s cubicle. It should be a tutorial in office hijinks from here on out.

8. Add every Nicolas Cage movie ever to your Netflix queue with Cage Your Queue.

Unfortunately, the days of Cage-ing your queue with the simple click of a button are over. (What can I say, sometimes people just aren’t ready for a radical technology that gives them Snake Eyes and Ghostrider both instantaneously.) But for a time, Cage Your Queue was the easiest way to get every era of Cage into your movie lineup.

7. Photoshopping Nicolas Cage’s face onto everything.

How and exactly when the first Nic Cage face swap occurred is a mystery that the internet gods may never reveal. And while he continues to appear in seemingly every other movie released, he has missed a few great roles. That’s where Brazilian artist and Uproxx friend Matheus Candido has stepped in, dedicating himself to Photoshopping Nic Cage into every movie (almost) ever. For fusing of Nic Cage as everyone — which might be just a tad extreme — go here.

6. Fusing Nic Cage’s face onto your Instagram selfies with Feeling Cagey?

There are selfies and then there are Cage-selfies. Because, if you’re going to slap selfies of yourself all over Instagram, then you might as well do it Face/Off style with Feeling Cagey?, a website that replaces your face with Nic Cage’s.

5. The “You Don’t Say?” meme.

Derived from A Vampire’s Kiss, there is perhaps no easier and rage-inducing way to show sarcasm on the web than a well placed “You Don’t Say” meme.

4. Nicolas Cage GIFs.

I don’t have scientific proof, but there may be more Nic Cage GIFs on the internet than stars in the Milky Way. One of the greatest sources for all your Cage GIF needs is the Tumblr “Gifolas Cage.” All Cage GIFs all the time.

3. The great Nic Cage 1870s vampire photo eBay auction of 2011.

Hey, remember that time that eBay was auctioning off photos of time traveling celebrity vampires? Good stuff, internet.

2. This supercut of Nicolas Cage losing his sh*t.

Nobody loses their sh*t better than Cage. Nobody. Harry Hanrahan’s supercut of Nic Cage’s best freak out moments on film plays like a symphony of madness and is deserving of every one of its 10 million views.

1. That time a girl included a photo of crazy-eyed Cage in her job cover letter.

Some people include a photo of themselves with their resume when applying for a job. Whether or not it’s effective, probably depends on the position. A girl named Vanessa accidentally included Nic Cage’s photo on her cover letter for an administrative assistant position back in 2012. My only question: did she get the job?

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