Believe It Or Not, ‘Ninja Day’ Is A Real Thing In Japan

Getty Images

Without a doubt, ninjas are awesome, and their skill is unmatched. In fact, ninjas are so great that it makes one wonder why there isn’t a whole calendar day devoted to their existence. Well, as it turns out, there is… in Japan.

For a while now, every February 22, the cities of Iga and Koka have led the way in celebration of the culture, going so far as to dress up in ninja attire while going to work. New celebrators of the holiday hope to gain traction for the event through national press coverage. Ninja-related events have been taking place in the country since February 2.

Reportedly, the reason for the 2/22 date is because, in Japanese, the word for “two” is “ni,” as in “ninja.” In addition, “nin” refers to endurance, patience or restraint, which waiting a whole calender year to celebrate the culture probably takes.