‘Belle’ Brings Cult Series ’13 Chambers’ To Film

13 Chambers was an Image series following a federal marshal collecting 13 unique revolvers from marshals across the country, only to fall afoul of a land baron and a comely lass. One of the marshals our hero meets is part of the follow-up to the illustrated stories, Belle, arriving later this year and currently at Comic-Con.

13 Chambers is the brain child of Mink, aka Christopher Morrison. Morrison’s had an extensive career in both film and illustrated stories, directing action movies Full Clip and Into The Sun, and working on illustrated stories with the Singularity tie-in and Dust series. Lately he’s been working on Twistory, an alternate history art project mixing film, illustrated stories, games, and other art forms.

Part of that is, of course, Belle, and we’ve got two films for you from the series:

Look interesting? You can find Twistory at Comic-Con this weekend at Booth 5624 to learn more, with Paolo Parente and Davide Fabbri, two artists familiar to Star Wars fans, as guests.