Ben Affleck Says He’s Not Going To Do A Justice League Movie. This Is Actually A Bad Thing

08.09.12 7 years ago 7 Comments

So, yesterday it went around the Internet that Ben Affleck might be directing a Justice League movie, which surprised a lot of people, because isn’t Ben Affleck that guy who was in Daredevil and Gigli? You know, the guy who sucks? How could he possibly direct a movie about men flying around in their underwear?

Well, Ben Affleck has been doing quite a bit of directing lately, and so far all his movies have been pretty great. Seriously, go watch The Town. Do it. So I’m actually somewhat disappointed to report that Ben Affleck’s people are now strenuously denying that he’s doing a Justice League movie.

I dunno, maybe Affleck wouldn’t be a good fit for The Justice League, but then again, Christopher Nolan’s early films didn’t exactly earmark him as a perfect choice for a big budget superhero movie either. Personally I’m in favor of the “just give the movie to a director who has done good things and he’ll probably make another good thing” approach, so hopefully Affleck comes around (and doesn’t insist on playing Batman).

via Deadline New York

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