Ben Affleck to Make an FPS Movie?

No, he’s not directing the “Call of Duty” movie. As far as we know, that’s not in development, thank God. No, instead Ben Affleck is circling what sounds like a “Call of Duty” ripoff, a movie called “Line of Sight”.

It’s about an elite commando squad protecting cargo from “a global threat”. So, what’s the big deal? It’s shot entirely from the first-person viewpoint.

Yes, seriously.

To be fair, movies shot entirely in the first person can actually work. “Cloverfield” may have been a movie about idiots suffering a deserved painful death, but from a filmmaking standpoint it was pretty solid, if wobbly. My bigger concern was that it was written by the guy to blame for the script of “Halo: Reach”. Neat filmmaking angles can’t make up for a crap script, guys.

[ via the whiners over at IndieWire (seriously, they spend half the article griping about the concept) ]