Ben Carson Got Stuck In An Elevator To The Delight Of Just About Everyone

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In a news cycle populated by increasingly silly things, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson — the same man who once abandoned an interview to find his luggage and held a closed-door meeting in a closet with Ted Cruz — is here to save the day. No really, that’s probably what United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and many others currently under bombardment are thinking right now. Why? Because Carson got himself stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes while visiting a housing development in Miami, Florida on Wednesday.

The world first became aware of Carson’s predicament (which mirrored one that his boss, President Donald Trump, encountered during the campaign) when Miami Herald reporter Rene Rodriguez posted what can only be described as a “drama in three acts” on Twitter.

Carson and his entourage, including his wife Candy Carson, were eventually freed from their captivity and allowed to proceed with the day as planned. This included a brief meeting with Miami Heat alum Alonzo Mourning who, as depicted in Rodriguez’s tweeted photos, waited nervously for the HUD Secretary’s rescue from the elevator.

Even so, the retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate’s name began trending immediately on Twitter. What resulted was a predictably hilarious assortment of “stuck in an elevator” jokes at Carson’s expense.

(Via Miami Herald)