Ben & Jerry’s Dude Food: The Dude Abides

Our friend Jon Defreest is back with another fictional and delcious-sounding pop culture Ben & Jerry’s flavor (previously: Dexter’s “Miami Slice” and Ron Swanson’s “All of the Bacon and Eggs You Have”) that I’m certain would become Vermont’s Finest’s all-time best seller if it ever went into production. White Russian Ice Cream + Malt Chocolate Bowling Balls is the best combo I’ve heard of since Nancy Grace + Monster Jams. Bank on it.

Can you imagine the level of Lebowski-ception buzz you could achieve by floating a couple of scoops of this in your White Russian? It would be magical. And even though I don’t like to speak for the dude I imagine his reaction would be something like, “Far out man.”

Source: Tauntr