Ben Shapiro Tried To Compare Notoriously Long Election Lines To Waiting On Disneyland Rides, And Social Media Pounced

Social media has spent the last day relentlessly dragging Matt Gaetz, who has spent the last handful of months being investigated over an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old. But they took a break because Ben Shapiro said something. The far right commentator and incorrigible speed-talker weighed in on the controversial election laws recently passed by Georgia Republicans, which have been seen as blatant attempt to suppress Democratic votes. He, of course, didn’t think they were a big deal, even bizarrely comparing infamously long Election Day lines to waiting on rides at Disneyland.

On his Daily Wire show, Shapiro laid into critics of the laws, which has included such high profile figures as Tyler Perry, Mark Hamill, even Delta Airlines. Shapiro brushed off each critique, but paused when he got to the issue of long voting lines, which were frequently documented during November’s election and which sometimes see voters waiting more than 10 hours just to cast a ballot.

More than 10 hours? Big deal, thought Shapiro. “Voter suppression doesn’t involve long lines, any more than long lines at Disneyland are ride suppression,” he averred.

Shapiro, of course, didn’t even allude to the epic length of some voting lines. So some people reminded him.

Others pointed out that he was employing one of the most popular argumentative tricks among conservatives: create a false equivalency.

People cracked other holes in his logic.

Some mocked him doing an “Ayone? Bueller? Bueller?” while recording a podcast in a room by himself.

And there were plenty of height jokes, which fair enough. (He’s claimed he’s 5’9, which he definitely is not.)

And there were other jokes.

And there were some who resented the idea of every month or so having to remember the existence of Ben Shapiro.