That’s Who Benicio Del Toro Is Playing ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’?

Earlier this week, Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro signed for a lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy with options for multiple Marvel movies. We assumed that meant he’d be playing Thanos. Now CBM reports that an unnamed “very reliable source” tells them who Del Toro will be playing. They say he’s going to be Tanaleer Tivan, also known as The Collector. We hope he collects car keys and grapefruit.

Tanaleer Tivan is an immortal and one of the oldest sentient beings in the universe. After his daughter leaves him and his wife dies, Tivan has visions of the destruction of the universe. He starts collecting artifacts and living things to maintain cultures and repopulate the universe after its destruction. We’d already heard rumors The Collector might figure into Guardians of the Galaxy. Ophelia Lovibond is rumored to be playing his aide.

If Benicio Del Toro is playing The Collector instead of Thanos, we wouldn’t be surprised. As /film points out, Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige have hinted Thanos could be the main villain during Marvel’s Phase Three, while Guardians of the Galaxy is only Phase Two. Also, they already have Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, and Lee Pace playing villains. Adding yet another villain could Spider-Man 3 this thing. Yes, we just used Spider-Man 3 as a verb.