Bernie Sanders Can Summon Birds Now, To The Delight Of Everyone At His Rally

Has Bernie Sanders pulled ahead in the coveted “bird flying around at an event” demo? Visual evidence suggests yes!

A Friday rally for Sanders in Portland featured the adorable sight of a crowd of people being delighted by a bird flying around the area. This was followed up with the bird traveling down to Sanders’ podium, a power move that had supporters going completely bonkers. We’d love to lean on the natural Portlandia gag here, but The Oregonian‘s title for the Bernie plus bird video beat us to the punch.

Sanders, who is still trying to pull past fellow Democratic nomination contender Hillary Clinton, took the bird’s cameo as a good sign. After all, the friendly fly-in did come across as more of an endorsement than an act of protest.

“I think there may be some symbolism here,” he said. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace. No more wars.”

The bird was swiftly christened #BirdieSanders online, and the 74-year-old Vermont senator’s camp has been happy to associate themselves with their new feathered friend. According to their campaign, a vote for Bernie is a vote for Birdie.

Portlandia‘s Twitter account also gave #BirdieSanders a nod.

No word yet on how Sanders is polling with bison aged six to 10, but hopefully we’ll get an answer before this year’s election race is wrapped.

(via OregonLive)