Sanders Supporters Say #ThankYouBernie On Twitter, But ‘Bernie Bros’ Are Threatening To Hijack It

Bernie Sanders Holds Primary Night Rally In Los Angeles Area
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Despite a decisive defeat at the hand of Democratic presidential rival (and now presumptive nominee) Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders refused to concede during a Tuesday night rally in Los Angeles. Yes, he acknowledged Clinton’s many victories briefly in a short speech, but most of his words were dedicated to repeating his insistence that the campaign would go all the way to Philadelphia’s Democratic Convention in late July. That said convention would be contested, no matter what the latest batch of delegate math says about his chances of clinching the nomination.

Political science minutiae aside, the realities of this fifth and final Super Tuesday dawned on many of Sanders’ most ardent supporters. Hence why so many of them took to Twitter with the hashtag #ThankYouBernie to express gratitude for the Independent Vermont senator’s spectacular presidential campaign — especially his efforts to put important, but maligned progressive issues on the table.

According to Business Insider, many of the most popular tweets were very positive:

Hell, even Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein offered Sanders her thanks:

Unfortunately, the so-called “Bernie bros” contingent of Sanders’ fanbase — whom the candidate himself condemned as “disgusting” — and others already using the #BernieOrBust and #IWillNeverStandWithHer hashtags found the new trend and tried turning it on its head:

(Via Business Insider)