Fell In Love At The Rock Show: Our Favorite Concert Experiences Of All-Time

07.30.15 4 years ago

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A couple weeks ago, the Uproxx Music staff recounted our worst concert experiences. It happens; go to enough shows and you’re going to get some not-great ones. But we’re all about being music fans here. We like to focus on the positives, on what makes us love music and all the good things it makes us feel. So, we thought it’d only be fair if we came back and recounted our favorite concerts ever. Keep in mind, this isn’t a list of the best concerts ever. There are plenty of iconic shows in modern music’s history that have been revered and discussed appropriately. This just a small sampling of the concerts we’ve been to that have left an impression, for whatever reason, on us. Wave your lighter in the air as you read along, and share your favorite concert memories in the comments.

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