What Will Donald Trump Say Next?

Even before he joined the 2016 presidential race on that golden escalator, it could never be said that Donald Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind. As someone who has no time for political correctness, Trump lets the quotes and tweets fly, unafraid of how it will affect the minds of voters and/or sane people everywhere. He stands up to the tough issues, like supporting women wearing burkas so they can hide their makeup-less faces better and only getting a million dollars from his daddy. While he talks more than most of the other bland candidates, is that necessarily a good thing when you turn a large group of potential voters against you? Not only is Trump willing to say anything, but he’s willing to say it to anyone. It seems like no one is safe from the wrath of a leading presidential candidate. He takes on whomever is in his path, from women to opponents to more women.

After reading some of the best Donald Trump quotes, we can only ask ourselves: What will he say next? Who do you think he’ll go after next? My guess is on puppies. They don’t vote, they can’t help build walls blocking out Mexico, and they have much better hair. And just remember that this man might become president. Just don’t blame me — I’ll be voting for Kodos.