The Power Went Out At CES 2018 And Twitter Lit Up With Jokes


CES 2018 (the Consumer Electronics Show) is rolling along in Las Vegas this week, showing off intriguing gadgets and– oops, the power went out. For about two hours on Wednesday, the massive conference (attended by 180,000 people last year) with tickets costing $300+ went without electricity due to heavy rainfall causing a flashover on a transformer at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The joke potential inherent to there being no electricity at an electronics show was not lost on Twitter, which lit up with jokes.

“I’m borderline impressed at this level of irony” is probably the quote of the week:

How could this have happened?

It is a mystery, but some people identified the potential culprits:

Please somebody, think of the Sony Aibos. In the arms of the Angel

Tragedies occurred when no one established a “pee corner”…

… and when people couldn’t get to their phones, which were also *gasp* not actually charging:

The violin player at the Intel booth didn’t need no damn electricity. Score one for humans.

Intel also made a joke. Let’s see how that goes.

Uh uh. People still remember Meltdown and Spectre just happened.

Other companies poked fun at themselves:

And a lot of people noticed the same sad reality:

Some pondered what they would have done at CES:

And everyone wants one of these bad boys this year:

And the hot item for next year?

The official CES Twitter account even got a joke in once the power was restored.

(Via Buzzfeed, #CES2018, and #CESBlackout)