The Internet Can’t Stop Joking About Apple’s New iPhone X

Apple announced their new iPhone X and some other things on Tuesday, and the internet has already gone to work mocking a product they can’t even preorder until October 27th. The video above goes through some of the new phone’s, um, features. Did you know it comes in two new colors: You Can’t and Afford It? Did you know it will “shoot thousands of lasers straight into your pores, then it sucks out your soul just like a Dementor”? That’s possibly true! It can also be used to reenact the entire Emoji Movie, since the iPhone X is a $1000 emoji machine. That’s “as much as a good laptop… or three Switches and two games… or fifty U2 albums.”

The parody video was made by Jack Douglass of jacksfilms, who also made last year’s iPhone 7 parody. Jack wasn’t the only one making jokes about the announcement. Others — including Black Mirror — reacted, some pointing out the iPhone X is exactly what people asked for…

And, of course, the facial recognition system that replaced TouchID continued to prompt plenty of jokes:

Not everyone was psyched about Apple stores being renamed “town squares” either:

The shark photoshop returned again:

Some speculated about why they skipped from iPhone 8 to iPhone X.

Others experienced sticker shock from the $1000 price tag:

And some looked to the future: