This Lesbian Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Cooler Than Yours Could Ever Be

If we have to put up with constant reminders on social media that our friends’ lives are better than ours, at least some of their updates can be delivered in the cleverest of ways. One such couple saw a great opportunity to make a joke about their pregnancy announcement since neither one of them actually contributed sperm in order to conceive. Reddit user MeggoEggo1 posted a picture of her with her wife wearing coordinating Hers-Hers T-shirts: “I’m pregnant” and “I’m not the father.” I swear, as long as people get pregnant, Maury Povich jokes will survive every attempt against them.

On the Reddit post titled “A nontraditional baby announcement for a nontraditional family,” the mom-to-be (not the physically expectant one) answered a few questions about their growing family including how they decided who would carry the baby:



Classy responses to trolls:



Answers to even stupider questions:



And plans for the future, plus some great parenting advice in general:



Yeah, this kid is going to be just fine. With moms like these, he or she will grow up with a lot of love and a wicked sense of humor.

Via Cosmopolitan