March Came In Like A Lion, But Goes Out With A Fart In The Month’s Best News Bloopers

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March is always a grand month for news bloopers, as the weather starts to get warmer and people get to unleash their pent up cabin fever on the world, exacerbated by drunken Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and Easter festivities. And once again, the ever reliable NewsBeFunny YouTube channel has done the due diligence of rounding them up for our enjoyment.

You may recall the harrowing moment a reporter was almost taken out by a car on live TV, a perfectly timed St. Paddy’s streaker, the most awkward on-air sex joke ever to happen, the great disappearing woman of 2016, and Sian Welby’s incredibly inspired Batman v Superman puns, as well as many, many, more.

Unfortunately no one is perfect, and NewsBeFunny sadly missed out on my personal favorite blooper of the month, this dog riding on a lawnmower, which I am linking again for posterity. (And also because it’s a dog riding on a lawnmower.) Bring it on, April.

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