The Best Of The 'Grand Theft Auto' Cop Meme

Did you ever laugh about how arbitrary the police procedures in Grand Theft Auto were? Sometimes you were fined $300 after plowing into eighteen parked cars while driving a stolen truck. Other times, you’d bump into a cop’s shoulder while running down the sidewalk and he’d pull a gun on you. And those police sure were overzealous about sending tanks and helicopters after you for just one little murder spree. It’s almost like they’ve never seen someone jet pack onto the normally-inaccessible roof of the building across from Randy’s Donuts in San Andreas and then fire a grenade launcher through the donut and at advancing helicopters for three hours.

Thankfully, there’s an image macro to sum up the interesting protocols of the police force in the GTA universe. Our 25 favorite examples of the GTA Cop meme are below, via Quickmeme.