Meme Watch: IKEA Monkey Photoshops Are More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of, Well, You Know

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12.12.12 3 Comments


This past Sunday, a seven-month-old Rhesus Macaque replaced that one episode of 30 Rock as the greatest thing to ever occur inside an IKEA. The monkey is fittingly named Darwin, but will henceforth be loved and cherished under his meme nickname, IKEA Monkey (and he’s one of our favorite memes of 2012). The IKEA Monkey was photographed wandering around a Toronto IKEA while wearing a gorgeous shearling coat and a sensible monkey diaper. You know that had to become a Twitter account and a meme toute de suite.

The IKEA Monkey made his way into the store after escaping from his crate, unlocking a car door, and fleeing into the chilly Toronto air. Good thing he brought a coat. For having an animal prohibited in Toronto, The IKEA Monkey’s caretaker, Yasmin Nakhuda, was fined $240 Canadian which is, like, at least eighteen cents American. The Macaque is now at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Ontario. Nakhuda could pursue legal action to retrieve him, but she says, “If the sanctuary is able to convince me that they are doing a better job, then for sure [he can stay]. Because everything has to be what’s best for him.”

So it sounds like Darwin the IKEA Monkey is going to be well cared for, which makes it even easier to guiltlessly show off our 30 favorite IKEA Monkey photoshops, GIFs, and videos. Check out Macaque below.

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