Meme Watch: Storytelling Dog Is A Raconteur Among Mere Dogs

A fabulous new meme emerged last week on Reddit’s Advice Animals. It’s in its pup stage, but we’re hoping it becomes a majestic prize-winning hound someday. The “Storytelling Dog” depicts a momma dog perched on a chair while her eight* fluffy Samoyed puppies gather around as if waiting to be told a story. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are the best.

The original version of the picture was posted last year by Goblin_Cat (a strange name for a dog fan). We’re amazed it took this long for a meme to come from that adorable picture.

Our 25 favorite examples of the Storytelling Dog are collected below. All pictures courtesy of Reddit, DPAF, and Pleated Jeans.

* Yes, eight. Count the feet, the adorable little Samoyed feet.