Meme Watch: Let’s Celebrate The Inauguration With The Best Of The ‘Thanks Obama!’ GIFs

Barack Obama is being inaugurated today, which makes this a perfect time to sarcastically thank him for all the things that are totally his fault, like the harrowing incident pictured above. That’s just one of many “Thanks Obama!” GIFs we’ve been enjoying lately. A single serving Tumblr, Thanks Obama, and the Thanks Obama subreddit have gathered most of them in two amazing places. Places where no one can perform simple tasks without serious injury. There has to be an easier way.

When I first spotted these GIFs going around, they seemed a little overly sarcastic and smug. But then, while at work at my other job in a pharmacy, a guy looked at the price of our diabetic test strips and yelled, “Goddamn Obama!” Unfortunately, I know this guy and he was being completely serious. Who knew Obama broke into our store and changed all the price stickers on our products? So sneaky, that Obama. It was this incident which convinced me that, yes, there are people eager to blame Obama for just about any annoyance, and I’ve laughed much harder at these GIFs since. All of you reading this probably know someone just like this guy.

Our 30 favorite reasons to say, “Thanks Obama!” are collected below. All pictures via the Thanks Obama Tumblr and subreddit unless otherwise noted.

Thanks, Obama! [via]