Celebrate The Unofficial End Of Summer With This Year's Best Summer Fail Videos

Summer is traditionally the most beloved season, but it’s not for everyone. The people in the following videos, for instance, are probably celebrating the arrival of Labor Day — and thus, the unofficial end of summer — more than most.

Here are this year’s most entertaining videos of people trying (and failing miserably) to enjoy summer activities, courtesy of the brand new UPROXX video section.

All Good Things Must Come To An End. Even This Sensual Roller Skating Display.

The Bulk Of Wedding Season Firmly Overlaps The Summer Months, Just Like This Wedding Photographer’s Camera Drone Firmly Overlapped The Groom’s Face.

Slippery Rocks Are No Substitute For A Slip ‘N Slide. Someone Should’ve Told Banana Man.

Getting Your Motorcycle Washed By A Girl In A Bikini Seems Like A Fun And Harmless Summer Activity, Right?

They Just Don’t Make Diving Boards Like They Used To.

Skim Boarding Is All Fun And Games Until You Try To Catch Up To The Boat For A High-Five.

Sailing Becomes A Lot Less Fun When Pesky Bridges Start Getting In The Way.

Two Men. One Bike. One Ramp At The End Of The Dock. Zero Success.

Hula Hooping Is One Summer Activity This Drunk Guy Will Never Attempt Again.

Lounging In A Hammock Is A Relaxing Summer Activity. Hanging Out At The Dock Is, Too. Combining The Two Can Be Troublesome, However.

Summer Concerts Are Much More Enjoyable When You Aren’t The Streaker Getting Annihilated By A Security Guard.

Clear Summer Skies Are Great For Taking The RC Plane Out With Dad. Until This Happens.

Maybe Giving Dad A Toy Plane Without All Those Complicated Controls Would Be Safer For Everyone. Maybe Not.

You’re Likely At Your Peak Physical Condition During The Summer, So Why Not Enter A Tough Mudder Competition? Here’s One Reason.

Let’s close with some summer-themed fail compilations, shall we?

Nothing Beats Golfing On A Nice Summer Day. Just Don’t Try ANY Of This Stuff.

The Ultimate Bikini Fail Compilation.

The Ultimate Diving Board Fail Compilation.

The Ultimate Water Slide Fail Compilation.

The Ultimate Trampoline Fail Compilation.