Here Are The Best Insults From Around The World, Subtitled For Your Education

What’s the first thing people do when they find out someone they know speaks more than one language? After the fawning’s all done—being bilingual is cool—people automatically want to know how to say curse words in a different language. Now, you have the opportunity to learn many new and exciting swears from around the world without ever leaving the comforts of your own computer and mobile device. What a time to be alive!

Cut Videos (best known for getting grandmas high and doing those 100 years of beauty videos) has put together a primer on the world’s most popular insults. The usual ones are here, of course, but did you know that in Germany, men who can’t hold their liquor are called “soft eggs?” Why aren’t we doing that in America? That’s a much better insult than lightweight.

The video’s a little NSFW, so if you’re at work, maybe keep your headphones on. That way, no one will be wiser when you start referring to them using foreign words. Just tell them whatever insult you’re using means “beloved co-worker” if they ask. That always seems to help.

(Via Cut h/t Rocket News 24)