Twitter Is Convinced ‘It’ And The Babadook Are Dating And We’re Here For It

It and Babadook sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G. That’s the new running joke on these here Internets. It was inevitable. With the internet taking up the Babadook as a gay icon, it behooved us to find him a boyfriend more lasting than previous rumored boyfriend, the Bye Bye Man. The Internet is weird, okay? It’s better not to question this too much and just enjoy the madness. So best of luck to these two plucky upstarts on all their nightmarish endeavors that don’t involve terrorizing kids.

The new pairing — Babawise? Pennydook? — seems to have started with an innocuous question on Twitter:

The answer? Not long at all, as this fan art by Kumi Ventura can attest to:

Others wholeheartedly agreed:

Some took offense and demanded this entire running joke be scrubbed from the internet immediately:

Although maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to never again think about some of these tweets…

Yikes. Meanwhile, people settled on a name for the new power couple and moved on to other pressing matters:

Some even spun theories about the real reason why ‘It’ returned after 27 years: to feed not on children, but on wedding cake reluctantly baked by a homophobic bakery owner. SAVAGE.

But monsters often have unhappy endings, and so it seems to have gone for ‘It’, who has been dumped for this beefcake.

Quelle Scandale! ‘It’ must be inconsolable…