Twitter Got Salty With Donald Trump’s Request That ‘Muslims Report Stuff’

getty image / twitter

At Sunday’s Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump fielded a question about Islamophobia by saying “we have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on.” In other words, he once again answered a question about Islamophobia by continuing to promote the Islamophobic assumption that Muslim Americans are some kind of monolithic entity that knows terrorists and isn’t turning them in. Considering he also proposed putting every Muslim on a list, we shouldn’t be surprised.

On Twitter, one Muslim tweeted something that went incredibly viral in response to Trump’s statement:

Others also brought up a good point:

And soon, more people were making jokes at the Donald’s expense and making great points using the hashtag MuslimsReportStuff:

Others also jumped on the hashtag, tweeting mostly jokes, but occasionally mentioning their gripes about Donald Trump and other bullies.