The ‘TED Talk Gorilla’ Meme Could Make TED Talks Fun Again

Last Friday, the L.A. Zoo began its Roaring Nights Summer Music Series, promoting the event with a photo of one of their Gorilla residents holding forth like he’s delivering some wise bon mots to an enraptured audience. Within a day, the obvious Harambe joke appeared on Twitter:

But then others noticed this appeared to be more like a lecture series, with lexlevi saying “This gorilla looks like he decided to have his undergraduate philosophy lecture outside since it’s a nice day” and Patrick Monahan comparing it to a TED Talk.

And so, a new meme was born: TED Talk Gorilla, and we have so much to learn from the Professor.

The gorilla sagely agreed with all of us about that other Planet Of The Apes reboot.

Seriously, what was that about? Mark Wahlberg needs to go back in time and fix this disaster.

Meanwhile, others on Twitter imagined the gorilla as that roommate. You know the one.