Here Are The Flashiest Fashion Hits And Misses Of The Golden Globes

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01.09.17 3 Comments

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Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony largely honored La La Land when it wasn’t dominated by the roasting and criticism of President-elect Donald Trump. Some viral moments went down, but things were pretty low key. Until now, that is, because it’s time for our customary Monday-morning quarterbacking of a fashion roundup. This presents the opportunity to be a little bit shallow by criticizing and praising dresses (though never taking a bad ensemble out on the wearer) before returning to the seriousness of reality.

Let’s do this, shall we?

Best – Emma Stone: The La La Land actress wore a beautiful, nude-colored Valentino gown that was covered in dozens of stars, which made up the straps of her dress and gradually faded from embellishments to a softer pattern in the drapey skirt below. The look is at once over-the-top (and accentuated with a dripping diamond-choker necklace) while still qualifying as classic and subdued for an exquisite execution.

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Worst – Blake Lively: Something went wrong on the way to the Golden Globes, for Lively brought a rare dull moment on the red carpet. This Versace gown didn’t fail for lack of trying, but the details overwhelmed what could have been a classic silhouette. Perhaps the odd pockets threw the ensemble over the edge, but those chunky emerald bracelets didn’t help. Overall, this was a fashion misfire.

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