Betty White And Slash Want You To Go To The Zoo

I know a lot of people are burning out on Betty White — there’s only so far one can take all the “oh look an old lady saying something an old lady would never say” jokes — but, as a person who has always had an affinity for old people, I’m still fiercely in her corner. So I kind of love that the L.A. zoo has teamed her up with guitar-shredding legend Slash for a marketing campaign.
Reports Ad Week:

Allen & Gerritsen put together this charming series of TV spots for the Los Angeles Zoo’s LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles) environment. If nothing else, the agency should be commended for pairing up Slash and Betty White, who are both on the zoo’s board of trustees and have an unexpected, and bewildering, on-screen chemistry.

“On-screen chemistry?” Slash and Betty White totally hooked up, didn’t they?
Anyway, all of the 30-second spots are on the pages that follow. Enjoy.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!