Major Dental Surgery Couldn’t Stop This Super Fan From Attending Beyonce’s Concert

Time and time again we’ve seen Beyonce’s super fans show their allegiance to Queen Bey by doing some pretty outrageous things, including harassing anyone who seemingly shades Bey. But no fan appears to be more loyal to Beyonce than the fan who immediately went to the superstar’s Formation tour right after dental surgery.

“When you have wisdom teeth at 6 but Beyonce at 7” was the hilarious sign concert-goers who attended the Hershey’s Park stop of Bey’s tour probably spotted on Sunday. Chelsey Bunner apparently had to get her wisdom teeth extracted just an hour before Beyonce came to town. Rather than missing the concert altogether, Bunner got her teeth pulled and went straight to Bey’s set, bleeding gums and all. It was all worth it, though!

“BEST NIGHT EVER besides the fact I could barely sing along … @Beyonce your beauty is unreal,” the excited fan wrote on her Twitter.

Obviously, it’s not recommended to go to a concert after major dental surgery. Dr. Phillip Kraver, a dentist in Florida, says it’s best for patients to have “little or no work for three to four days” after getting their wisdom teeth pulled. However, Dr. Kraver fails to take into account Beyonce’s healing powers. According to several unsubstantiated reports, breathing the same air as Beyonce heals a patient quicker than Wolverine healing himself after getting stabbed.

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