Joe Biden Test-Drove Ford’s New Electric Truck And Raced That Sucker Across An Empty Parking Lot

While touring the Ford Motor Company’s Michigan plant on Tuesday, President Joe Biden surprised reporters by pulling up in the new electric Ford F-150 Lightning truck, rocking his trademark Aviator shades, of course. Biden stopped to chit-chat with the press pool for a bit but he couldn’t resist the urge to open the truck up outside the facility. As a noted fan of muscle cars, Biden floored the vehicle after promising to top out at 80. When he returned to the pool, the president was clearly impressed.

“This sucker’s quick,” a grinning Biden told reporters after tearing down the track. You can see some of the footage below:

Of course, it didn’t take long for social media to remember the last time a president was behind the wheel of a big truck, and it was notably less badass. In fact, it was anything but, as Donald Trump oddly screamed and yelled while pretending to drive an 18-wheeler parked outside of the White House. Trump even wore an “I Love Trucks” button, which again, was basically the exact opposite of Biden’s badass test drive.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning reveal was not on the books, but the motor company apparently jumped at the opportunity to show it off when Biden arrived at the facility. According to CNBC, the updated version of the Ford truck won’t be on sale until next year, but it’s expected to drive the sale of electric vehicles as pickups are “the bestselling vehicles in the country.” In fact, don’t be surprised to see one parked outside the White House in the near future.