Big Face Animal Shirts Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Three Wolf Moon

The “Three Wolf Moon” phenomenon started at the end of 2008 when Brian Govern (possibly inspired by the lesser-known Born to Roam wolf shirt review thread from earlier that year) posted a hilarious Amazon review about the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt’s mystical abilities to attract women. Similar reviews were posted (over NINE THOUSAND 2,000 of them at this point) and the shirt became a full-fledged meme. It’s even the official T-shirt of New Hampshire economic development and has inspired awesome photoshops like this and these.

The shirt was made by the absurdly lucky New Hampshire based company The Mountain, who are now debuting their next attempt at viral status: Big Face Animals. Our favorite entries out of the 95 ultrasexy shirts in the Big Face Animals line (including color commentary) are after the jump.

(click images for ferocious size)

A bear with headphones? Yeah, that’s pretty rad, but could you make it appeal more to stoners?

Now that’s what I’m talking about. How could this possibly get better? . . .

You’ve outdone yourselves, The Mountain.

Not sure if serious.

Oh, it just got serious.

This is making me patriotic, but I could be more patriotic . . .

Better. Better. What else you got back there?

Nice. But a little more, maybe?


That dog’s pretty intimidating, but do you have something a little more badass?

Nice. But couldn’t it use some firearms?

Double handguns and one slung over the back? You spoil us.

So proud to be an American right now, you guys.

It’s funny because bears were born to fish.

Now you’ve gone too far. Scale it back a bit.

Okay, there are hunting dogs. This works, I guess.

Taking some liberties here, The Mountain, but I guess this is acceptable.

No. Just no. What’s that buck hunting? Ten point bucks? That ain’t right.

And we’re back to normal.

This just screams “A furry wears this”.

I take it back. This screams furry. Yiff in hell, wolf shirt.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

So majestic.