Bill Clinton And George H.W. Bush Enjoyed A Glorious, Sock-Filled Reunion In Texas

In late January, former President George H.W. Bush gave the United States a scare when he was hospitalized with pneumonia-like symptoms at age 92. Fortunately, he made a miraculous recovery, although his on-the-mend state meant that missed out on what his son called the “weird sh*t” that went down at the Trump inauguration. A few months later, Bush is feeling pretty darn good and enjoyed a visit from his old pal and successor, Bill Clinton. The two met up in Houston on Sunday, and Clinton tweeted out a photo while revealing how the two enjoyed talk of family and … socks.

Yes, socks. There’s a special meaning behind the gift — fancy footwear adorned with dogs and bees — as Clinton enjoys an annual meeting with GHWB and Barbara. Apparently, socks have been a theme since at least 2013, which is when Clinton expressed envy for Bush’s socks with a “western cactus” theme.

And of course, Clinton may have a true sock obsession of his own. Those who keep tabs on presidential pets (of which Donald Trump has none, unless one counts Steve Bannon, who may soon be headed to a nice retirement farm in upstate New York) will remember that Socks The Cat resided in the White House during the Clinton years. Ah, memories.