Bill Cosby Refused To Talk About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him In An Interview With NPR

Bill Cosby could only shake his head when NPR’s Scott Simon brought up the sexual assault allegations that have been swirling around the comedy legend in recent weeks. Cosby was on NPR with his wife, Camille Cosby, to discuss their African art collection, but the increased scrutiny surrounding Cosby in recent weeks forced Simon’s journalistic hand. And Cosby stayed quiet.

The interview is hot on the heels of Cosby’s appearance on The Late Show being canceled, the most recent show to do so in light of the allegations. It isn’t the first time that Cosby’s name has been connected to sexual assault, but the viral nature of Hannibal Buress’ comments and the increased attention via the Internet have pushed this issue into the spotlight.

Listen to the awkward moment from the interview below. It is hard not to make judgments about someone who stays silent. At the same time, what is the guy supposed to say?

(Via NPR / Huffington Post / CNN)