Bill Cosby Tweets About Cosby Sweaters, Internet Singularity Achieved

Obsession over the snazzy sweaters Bill Cosby would wear in his role as Dr. Huxtable on The Cosby Show is nothing new, but Bill Cosby himself has finally acknowledged our nostalgic enthusiasm for these knitted masterpieces. He auctioned off a few of the iconic sweaters four years ago to benefit a charity. More recently, he’s been tweeting about the sweaters. Yes, Bill Cosby is on Twitter, with the tweets and the zoopity and the boop da zoop. He also has a confusing vlog, which is like hearing our grandmas are on Facebook.
We’ve screencapped these meta-as-hell Cosby sweater tweets below, and we’ve also added a few completely related pictures. (Hat tip and an obligatory pudding pop reference to Nerdcore.)