Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Has Released A Statement Addressing The Recent Sexual Assault Allegations

Following yesterday’s awkward NPR interview, Bill Cosby’s lawyer has spoken for his client on the recent allegations sexual assault that are plaguing the comedian. John P. Schmitt released a statement via Cosby’s web site that possibly explains yesterday’s silence and attempts to put a close to the discussion:

Over the last several weeks, decade-old, discredited allegations against Mr. Cosby have resurfaced. The fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. Mr. Cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment. He would like to thank all his fans for the outpouring of support and assure them that, at age 77, he is doing his best work. There will be no further statement from Mr. Cosby or any of his representatives.

– John P. Schmitt, lawyer for Bill Cosby

As was brought up in discussion yesterday, there isn’t much that Cosby could do legally to silence the matter. If he sought some sort of slander charge, that might open up discussion into his past to verify the truth. Also, any legal troubles against Cosby would seem to be a non-issue here nearly thirty years after the fact. That would leave it up to the court of public opinion, which always seems to go well.

I can’t blame the Cosby camp for the silence. I certainly don’t approve of any sexual misconduct, but I also don’t think there’s much good that can come out of an angry mob. By keeping quiet they’re lessening the impact of the allegations, but taking the risk with speculation on the public’s part. It’s just a bad situation that I’d want no part of if I were a lawyer or public relations person. And that’s looking at it objectively.

(Via Bill Cosby / Mashable)