Bill Murray Briefly Tried Being A Roadie In New Orleans Alongside Christopher Walken And Jon Favreau

Bill Murray is everywhere these days. From famous weddings to birthday parties, everyone’s favorite quirky comedian and actor can do no wrong. It seems his time in New Orleans this weekend was no different.

According to, Murray and a few members of the cast and crew of Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Jungle Book were in town:

Kermit Ruffins found himself in a local recording studio with Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Jon Favreau and Dr. John. As is often the case, several of those characters also found their way to Frenchmen Street.

Murray and Favreau wound up at Three Muses during trombonist and singer Glen David Andrews’ set on Friday.

The group spent time taking in the local music, food, and drinks, and eventually Murray went and found himself a tuba. The instrument belonged to local musician Matt Perrine, and Murray offered to be his roadie for a short duration. He posed for a picture with the instrument, which Perrine quickly posted to Facebook.

Unfortunately, Murray’s dreams of helping Perrine lug his tuba around were short-lived, as he left the scene to go make movies and continue being awesome. Still, the tuba got some sweet loving out of the deal. I wonder what instrument Murray will take up next. (I’m hoping for spoons.)

(Source: / Jon Favreau / Kermit Ruffins)