Bill Murray Knocked Back Shots And Sang Rolling Stones Tunes During His Brooklyn Bartending Gig

Would you like to be served a drink by treasured American actor Bill Murray? Of course you would. That sounds like a pleasant way to spend a Friday night and tons of New Yorkers apparently agree.

As promised, the Groundhog Dog star worked behind the bar at the opening of his son’s Brooklyn drinking establishment and folks lined up around the block to see Murray tackling this unusual new gig. Gothamist has footage of the excitement outside.

According to Forbes, the event was ridiculously exclusive and made up of a small group of friends, family, and media. Those in attendance were treated to the SNL alum serving up shots, singing along to Rolling Stones tunes and generally doing things you’d image would happen when Murray bartends.

“Just remind me — one of those every twenty minutes,” responded Murray to a request for vodka with a shot of vodka in it. “Now who’s on first?”

Murray will be back tending bar tonight and it sounds like this temp gig will once again result in needing to know someone to get inside the joint. It should be a tad less competitive to get in on Wednesday when 21 Greenpoint’s full restaurant gets its special rollout.

(Via Forbes & Entertainment Weekly)