No One Will Ever Believe You Colored In The Bill Murray Coloring Book

I could get into dubstep if it took a Bill Murray angle, so the I was already sold before I read “Bill Murray Colouring Book,” despite the gratuitous “u.” The blokes over at Belly Kids are as big of fans as the rest of the internet of the aloof genius and have found a unique way to pay tribute:

Belly Kids has worked alongside a bunch of amazing illustrators to put together a colouring book, dedicated to the great man’s cinematic image. Be you young, old, middle aged, bored, hyped or mildly interested this book is definitely for you! The joy of colouring in is open to us all and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join in. Smudge between the lines, fill the sexy man up.

So yeah, it’s the Bill Murray collector’s item for hipster, stoners, film buffs, and small children alike. I’ll never cease to amaze in Bill’s ability to bring people together. Several examples from the “colouring” book to follow, including a Zombieland Murray that has me jonesing to pick up a rainbow pack of Crayolas the next time I drop by the grocery store for hot pockets.
Pre-order the book here. Prints available here. Via Splitsider.