Bill Murray Fan Art: A Sneak Preview Of Gallery1988’s ‘Please Post Bills’ Exhibit

On Thursday, more than 80 artists will gather in Los Angeles at the Gallery1988 studio on Melrose Ave to display their latest creative efforts. But this isn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill hipster art gathering. This week’s event, “Please Post Bills,” may be taking place for the most important artistic endeavor of this or any generation – these artists are celebrating Bill Murray.
Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of hipsters, I’m sure, but the works that will be on display at “Please Post Bills” will be celebrating our favorite films of one of the greatest comedic actors to ever portray a slow-witted country club greenskeeper, a bank-robbing clown, or a slacker army recruit who can barely complete 20 pushups. So in case you’re in the area and you want to stop on by Gallery1998 to show your respect to Murray or pick up a print, we have a little preview of what you can expect.
I’ll warn you right now – I may buy every print of Scott Derby’s “4 of a Kind” just so nobody else on this planet has it.
UPDATE: Even more Bill Murray fan art here.

(Hat tip to Laughing Squid, images via Gallery1998 and Buzzfeed.)
By Dave Perillo
By Doug LaRocca
By Evan Lopez
By Jayson Weidel
By Jesse Riggle
By Jessica Deahl
By Jude Buffum
By Kiersten Essenpreis
By Miranda Dressler
By Nick Comparone
By Pat Kinsella
By Paul Palcko
By Rich Pellegrino
By Scott Derby
By Sean Dove