Bill Murray Will Crash Your Kickball Game And No One Will Ever Believe You (Unless There’s A Shoddy Photo)

I wish I had more detail to share here other than the poorly taken photo of Bill Murray in sweet baby blue shorts holding a kickball. And pointing you to the College Humor staffer’s Tumblr it showed up on. So I suppose I’ll just once again make mention that Bill Murray has a habit of doing these sorts of things and is the absolute best (not necessarily in that order). Please simply enjoy the image, the notion that Bill could potentially one day crash your kickball league, and this last name for everything that they are.

The real story here is that whoever was charged with the all-important task of taking a once-in-a-lifetime photo for the group managed to finger-lens it. Way to blow it. For everyone. Destined to be a top five life regret.

Via Cockenblog