Bill Murray's 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments

This image is technically internet bait.

Bill Murray is the internet’s favorite person for a reason. He’s every pop culture enthusiast’s aloof uncle. And whether he purposely baited the web or not (de-bait-able!), Bill has spent the last decade doing eccentric things off set that have made us fall even more hopelessly in love with him than we are already naturally inclined to be thanks to his magical and unorthodox film career (Passion Play never happened I tell you!)
If, for some reason, you don’t get the fascination with the man, the myth, the legend, the GD national treasure — I encourage you to browse the “TIL” entries here. If you still don’t get it, may god have mercy on your soul. For the rest of us, let’s review Bill Murray’s ten most bait-able moments just before what’s sure to be the finest shirtless axe-weildling, wine-guzzling performance of all time hits theaters.

During SXSW 2010 Bill wandered into Austin bar Shangri-La with GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and proceeded to commandeer the bar, serving patrons tequila shots regardless of what they ordered. Quintessential Murray.

In the late 2000’s Bill went through a phase where he enjoyed wandering into hipster-y house parties and bar scenes in Brooklyn. The photographic evidence of course threatened to break the internet.
Early last year The Chive got a hold of (and promptly water stamped) photos of Bill crashing a karaoke party in NYC. Word is he dominates “Dead or Alive.”
Apparently if you pull off a semi-legit Ghostbusters group costume Bill Murray will appear like a State Farm agent and take a photo with you. You don’t even have to score a black guy or anything.
When a Packers fan in a throwback Nitschke jersey began over-celebrating in Soldier Field he was shoved over from behind by a Bears fan. But not just any Bears fan. The Packers fan of course asked for a picture with his assailant only for Bill to respond, “Nitschke is a p*ssy.”
Reddit recently went nuts for this photo of Murray in a Chinese Finger Trap with a London rail employee. You know, since neither of them are Chinese.
Conducting the Big Red Marching Band seemed like the right thing to do. Word is Bill mandated no fat chicks in the brass section.

Even Korean Pop Starlets want a piece of Bill. They promptly ran off together to sing karaoke.
Bill stole the show at the Cannes film festival last week with a plaid shirt that leaked into his pants. The ensemble was tied together by a blazer that just wouldn’t quit.
The internet has been tracking the “No one will ever believe you” urban legend for quite some time. I for one choose to believe. Rumor is Barry is the only other person who knows the truth.