Billy Eichner And Ross Matthews Got In A Twitter Feud About A Capital One Commercial

Billy Eichner is seriously upset with Capital One and their new spokesman Ross Matthews for allegedly ripping off his schtick in a recent series of commercials. Eichner is the titular star of Billy on the Street on TruTV where he has been making people laugh by quizzing and berating innocent New Yorkers for years now. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to see that some of Capital One’s new promos, where Ross Matthews (previously of Chelsea Lately) uses a similar method to inform people about credit cards. Billy took no time to notice and speak out about the “rip off” of his show and talent.

He started by pointing out the similarities between the show and the campaign before straight up tagging Matthews and Capital One in an angry follow-up.

Ross wasn’t about to let the callout slide though, and he responded with a fact of his own as well as a backhanded “bless your heart.”

Then the back and forth was well and truly on, as Billy pulled out the big guns with a “behind the scenes” nugget.

In case you thought “good luck with everything in the future!” was the end of this, it most certainly is not. A seemingly sweet “good luck” is never the end.

Of course, Ross saying there was no feud is almost the worst part of this entire thing. It is most certainly a feud! You can’t have a feud on Twitter if you’re going to deny that a feud is happening. Lean in and relish it a little.

There was some last minute back and forth before things petered out completely, but not before Bravo’s own Andy Cohen chimed in as a third party to give his two cents.

From the looks of things, Capital One got shut down by Billy and his representation, then decided to move forward with the campaign anyway without Eichner. Ross may have been doing man on the street videos longer than his fellow comedian, but Billy on the Street is way more famous than Ross’ videos ever were and that’s who the public now thinks of when they see someone yelling and cracking jokes on TV.

Shame on Capital One for ripping off a well-known comedian’s work, but good for Billy and Ross for both sticking up for their respective sides of things. It’s not Ross’ fault he got hired for the campaign, but it’s also unfortunate he ended up imitating Billy so closely whether it was on purpose or not. One thing is for sure, this is definitely the most drama that’s ever come out of a credit card commercial.

(via The Daily Dot)