Billy Eichner Can Hardly Contain His Glee While Discussing How ‘Obviously’ Guilty He Thinks Trump Is

Despite Trump’s best efforts to throw the scent off the Russia probe with the impending release of the Devin Nunes memo, it’s clearly only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost. Outspoken Trump critic Billy Eichner knows this, which is why he was in a very, very good mood while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night.

“You were saying Trump might be innocent,” Eichner started off telling Kimmel, barely able to contain himself. “I’ve never seen a person who’s more obviously guilty of something in my entire life.” Running down the list of everyone Trump has fired or has wanted to fire, Eichner quipped, “You would have to be Rose Nyland on the Golden Girls not to realize this man is guilty.”

“I mean, you would have to be Joey on Friends not to be able to piece this together,” he continued, as both Kimmel and the audience lost it. “I’ve seen harder to solve mysteries on Castle. This is not hard.” “But okay, here we are,” Eichner said, throwing his hands in the air.

After discussing the ever-growing list of sitcom revivals, Eichner got into the real reason for his appearance — which was not actually to promote a TV show. (Although he did extend an offer to be a gay Trump voter on the upcoming season of Roseanne.)

Along with Kimmel and other late night TV hosts such as Conan O’Brien, John Oliver, Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers, James Corden, and others; Eichner has teamed up with Funny or Die for a Glam Up the Midterms campaign in an effort to get millennials out to vote in 2018. Because apparently only 12 percent of young people voted in the last midterm election, Eichner explains that “elections for congress are like [his] ex-boyfriend — they come once, and that’s it for two years.”

Glam Up the Midterms will “work to convince voters under the age of 40 that America hasn’t gone to sh*t and that they should vote in November.” You can learn more about the campaign, or register to get involved here.