The Internet Knows What #BillyBushMade Them Do After Melania Trump Blames Him For ‘Locker Room Talk’

Melania Trump sat down with CNN for an interview that will air on Monday evening. During the course of her discussion with Anderson Cooper, she appeared to suggest that Billy Bush was (at least) partially to blame for Donald Trump’s extremely lewd statements on a hot mic during a 2005 Access Hollywood episode. For sure, Bush can be heard whooping and hollering as the conversation progresses, but the real estate mogul gamely began the discussion. No one made Trump brag about actions that constitute sexual assault, especially the “grab them by the p*ssy” line.

Yet Melania told Cooper that she’d forgiven her husband because “this is not the man that I know.” She claimed he and Bush were participating in “boy talk, and he was led on — like, egged on — from the host to say dirty and bad stuff.” Egged on? Well, social media went nuts as expected. In fact, people think this is a fine excuse for any number of actions. Let’s begin.

Did Billy Bush cause Chris Christie’s Bridgegate and his fancy dancing?

Wait a second. Perhaps Melania was actually shading Trump by calling him too weak to withstand Billy Bush’s wily temptations?

Because if Trump can’t stand up to Billy Bush, what about Russia?

The Internet poured out a plethora of suggestions for what Billy Bush made them do. Not all of them are in good taste, but is this election over yet?

Of course, there’s the occasional sobering reply like this one in the mix because folks are still understandably horrified by this entire scandal.

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