Bizarre Portrait Plates by Angela Rossi, AKA Beat Up Creations

Words cannot describe how much I love knowing that Beat Up Creations is making these wonderfully odd plates. The love and care put into these found object art creations is self-evident. Some people might dismiss these plates as a silly idea, but where they see a goofy mix and match, I see fine craftsmenship. Check out our favorites in the slideshow or go to Beat Up Creations Etsy shop to see her full line up.

$59 Lucy the Zombie Girl Portrait Plate

Sir Marvin of Roswell Portrait Plate $25

Yodamin Franklin Portrait Plate $39

Sir Odobenus Rosmarus Portrait Plate $89

Admiral Triceritops Portrait Plate $42

Duchess Cyclops Portrait Plate $63

Zombie Love, Wedding Portrait Plate $69