Watch This Black Bear Beat The Heat In A Vancouver Pool And Hot Tub

When that muggy August heat gets to be too much, nothing tops a nice dip in the pool to cool you down. Unfortunately for this North Vancouver couple, that option wasn’t available to them recently … because a bear had already beat them to the water.

Denise and Tony Diering watched in stunned amusement as a black bear spent approximately 15 minutes soaking in their backyard pool and hot tub before lazily strolling away through a hole it had knocked in their fence. Bear sightings aren’t exactly rare in their area of British Columbia, but they typically don’t come right up to populated areas and homes.

This isn’t the couple’s first close encounter of the furry kind. Earlier this summer a bear — or possibly the same bear — got into their bird feeder, raising concerns among the neighborhood families that the next dip the dangerous animal takes might be in a pool full of delicious children.

(Via CBC)

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