Florida Man Is Trying To Break The Longest Black Friday Campout Record

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It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year: Late-November, when after filling yourself with turkey and racist Uncle Jeffrey’s thoughts on the state of football today, you and the family head to the ol’ Best Buy for some deals. Except, oops, you’re too late, because there’s already a line, including, if you live in Orlando, Florida, someone who’s been there since October.

Local radio show host Kevin Sutton began his Best Buy campout last Sunday, and he’s planning on living in his tent until November 27 (that’s 33 days; last year, he did 15). He wants a new television, and “to raise awareness of 13,000 homeless children in Central Florida,” according to Click Orlando.

Sutton, who hosts a radio show for The Game in Orlando, said he’s accepting donations, gifts, toys, and money, which will be given to the Love Pantry. Sutton, who stayed at the store for 15 days last year, said he won’t leave his site until Black Friday and will live only on food and water that’s provided to him through donations. (Via)

If Sutton makes it the full 33 days (he uses the store’s bathroom), that would be a new Black Friday record, topping the old mark set by two women in California. They braved the elements and curious buzzards for 22 days. Psh, slackers. Take that sh*t to the abandoned Circuit City down the road.

(Via Click Orlando)

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