Black Girls Kiss White Boys ‘For The First Time,’ And Someone Sure Is Disappointed

This video from All Def Digital performs one of those uncomfortable “social experiments” that is best rehashed on an Internet-wide basis after the fact. The premise is simple. Black girls and white guys make out, both on a virginal basis. That is, none of the parties involved have ever crossed racial lines in their previous experimentation. This could have been a super messy affair, but most of the mess involved only reflected some spit-based differential coming from the dudes, who are far too effusive.

To begin, neither side felt too hot about the prospective experiment. One of the dudes said, “I feel like they don’t feel the same way.” Whereas one of the ladies surmised, “It’s like kissing a wall.” Ouch on both ends. One guy didn’t help matters by exclaiming, “I’m coocoo for Cocoa Puffs!” Seriously, after saying something like that, this dude should have never gotten any lip at all, but he did. Hoooo boy, did he ever.

After all was said and done, this screenshot happened. Happy times!

This woman admitted she enjoyed her experience, but she expected worse. After hearing this declaration, the dude felt like crap. Look at his face.

Not incidentally, here’s the companion video called “White Girls Kiss Black Boys For The First Time.” This one is more successful in terms of satisfied expectations, but the dudes in the first video fought an uphill battle.