Blizzard Fixes Diablo III Invincible Wizards, So Of Course There’s Now Invincible Barbarians

07.25.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

So, Blizzard released a Hotfix that shuts down the invincible wizard exploit we told you about the yesterday. Hooray! So, all is right in Diablo-land now, right? Haha, no of course not. Now there’s a way to make Barbarians more or less unkillable.

If you’re not afraid of a banning, hit the jump for the steps needed to activate this latest exploit…

– Have Furious Charge with Dreadnought Rune

– Charge into opening cinematic (before it begins)

The above steps will give you a Barbarian that regains eight percent of their health every time they hit an enemy, making them very hard to kill.

I’m sure Blizzard will release another Hotfix for this soon enough, but I won’t be reporting on it, or the next exploit that pops up immediately after, because this is never going to stop. This is what happens when you insist your game be online at all times, and throw real money into the mix. Hope it was worth it Blizzard.

via Dark Side Of Gaming & EGM

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